“Tasks” Have Changed Since Using FilterShine

Managers that have decided to use FilterShine grease filter exchange program have spoken with us about how “tasks” have changed since using the FilterShine exchange program. In the past, cooks would remove filters two times a week and put them in the 3 compartment sink, fill each sink with hot water and about half a gallon of heavy duty degreaser. The filters would soak over night and they would drain the greasy sink water in the morning and place the filters by the dishwasher area then continue to sanitize the greasy sinks before they could use them to prep frozen food. Dishwasher employee would then run the filters through the dishwasher, two at a time, and when finished, change the water in the dishwasher, so the days dishes do not come out greasy when washed. The cooks would then get on top of the equipment and install the filters in the hood systems. Manager: “absolutely saved money on heavy duty degreaser, all of the labor of removing filters and cleaning sinks and dishwashers”.