How FilterShine Service Works

FilterShine USA will provide your location with two sets of filters. Our service tech’s will arrive at your location and remove all of the soiled filters from your exhaust system and replace them with clean filters. The soiled filters will be taken back to one of our cleaning facilities and serviced.

By cleaning the filters off site, your facility will lower the amount of grease going down your drain by up to 60% -70%.

Using FilterShine will lower your operation cost by $1000’s a year!

  • Lower Chemical Cost
  • Lower Water Cost
  • Lower Labor Cost
  • Lower Fine Risks
  • Lower Electric Cost
  • Lower Health Hazard Risk

Comparative Analysis

Standard Operating Procedures
(for locations cleaning their own filters)
FilterShine grease Filter Exchange Program
Filters get cleaned outside not inside "hot" Kitchen 100% clean filters
Cooks clean 2x per week - 3 hours of labor - $15.00 per hr X 3 = $45.00 Our Techs Exchange all Filters
Soaking filters in water & degreaser - more labor
(cost of degreaser $25 per gallon)
Soaking is done at the FilterShine facility
Up to 70% of your grease in your traps are from filter cleaning 0% of grease going down your drains
Employees climbing over hot equipment to remove filters
(OSHA, Worker's Comp claims)
Our Techs will remove and replace all filters
Running filters through dishwasher - more labor, more water, dishwasher Warranty FilterShine does not use any of your equipment
Appearance - discolored filters/missing baffles/missing filters. Health Department and Fire Marshall issues All stainless steel in 100% working order - never buy another Filter
Environmental Footprint - grease, wasted water, cleaning filters in any area that does not go to grease trap/overflowing grease traps 100% EPA compliant

Verticals We Serve

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