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Grease Filter Exchange
Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning
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Design Consulting
Grease Containment
Fan Service-Repair/Replacements/Installations

As an entrepreneur since the age of 13, I’ve always looked for ways to improve industries, better my community, and create a fulfilling life. I have built businesses in the computer sector, insurance market, and restaurant industry, but found a true calling when it came to starting my kitchen exhaust cleaning company, Czartekk Industrial Services, in 2005. We saw fire safety as a top priority and devised methods of cleaning that would ultimately launch us to become Colorado’s most thorough kitchen exhaust cleaners. We’ve been featured in national meetings and seminars due to our high quality standards and service as well as have consulted on numerous designs for new kitchens and renovations.

Through the years though, the one problem we saw was that no matter what we tried to do, the filters from restaurants would never come as clean as we would have liked and I ventured out to find a solution. After meeting with Jason Wellman of FilterShine USA, I quickly saw the potential and need for grease filter exchange, and with his help, opened FilterShine Front Range in 2013. Between our partner kitchen exhaust cleaning companies, our grease filter exchange service, and ability to address nearly any access issue, NFPA/EPA concern, and grease containment problem, we solidified ourselves as the premier company to address all kitchen exhaust system and grease containment needs. In 2014, I invented and began manufacturing a product line known as Add-A-J’s to help our industry and ensure the safety and efficiency of filters used in restaurant hoods. In early 2019, my staff and I completed training to perform exhaust fan and make-up air fan service to provide even more value to our customers. All-in-all, we’ve built long-term relationships with our customers based on innovative solutions, value of service, and integrity.

Through all of the years in the kitchen exhaust industry, I have had the support of my wonderful wife of nearly 15 years and the love of my three wonderful children. My wife and I have been able to set the example of hard work, integrity, and community effect through her business management and my companies.