"I highly recommend this program for any business dealing with hoods. It is not only cost effective, but it’s also convenient and hassle free."
Owen Paradiso,
Director of Operations
Eliminate up to 70% of the grease going down your drain
By removing filter cleaning off the task list at the end of the night, your facility will be cutting out the largest contribution of grease going through your drainage systemLearn More...

A simple grease Filter Exchange program, will save a facility $100's if not $1000's a year.
It will also lower the exposure level of your facility to EPA fines, Fire Hazards, and Health Hazards.
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With our National coverage,
FilterShine USA is a great solution for single location and multi style locations. Each of our locations are locally owned and operated.          Learn More...
What we do...
Would you like a Cost Analysis Report?
Send us an email at sales@filtershineusa.com to request your free Cost analysis report, to determine how much FilterShine USA will save you.

These numbers will vary based on several service factors. Please send us a request to see what your numbers will be.
Average savings $500 per month
Benefits of FilterShine USA
  • No more grease down your drains from cleaning filters
  • No buying filters
  • No Cleaning filters
  • Lower Facility Exposure
  • Lessen Fire Hazards
  • Lower amount of Grease in Ductwork
  • Filters always look new
  • Lower operation cost
  • Increase profitability
  • Lessen EPA Exposure
  • Lessen Carbon Footprint
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