"Green" Service
"Our facility was being fined $1000's yearly for grease going down the drain. FilterShine has removed over 90% of the grease from our cleaning procedures, and our fines are no more."
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Eliminate up to 70% of the grease going down your drain
By removing filter cleaning off the task list at the end of the night, your facility will be cutting out the largest contribution of grease going through your drainage system.

Do you know what the EPA requires your PH level to be in the water you dump down the drain?
Let FilterShine eliminate the risk of a large EPA fine, and save your facility time and money at the same time.        Learn More...  

Dish washing machines were not designed for heavy grease items to be washed in them.
Did you know that it is against health code to wash any type of maintenance equipment in your dish washing machine?
Why we are "Green"
Sanitary sewer lines are failing Nation wide
Did you know when you clean grease filters in your sink that the soap you use and the grease from the filters will clog your sewer lines?

A team of environmental engineers at North Carolina State University in Raleigh have been working since 2004 to unravel the mystery. What they've found comes as a surprise: The grayish-white, gritty formations that look like stalagmites along the walls of big sewer pipes are actually soap.
Did you know you will be held responsible?
Benefits of FilterShine USA
  • No more grease down your drains from cleaning filters
  • No buying filters
  • No Cleaning filters
  • Lower Facility Exposure
  • Lessen Fire Hazards
  • Lower amount of Grease in Ductwork
  • Filters always look new
  • Lower operation cost
  • Increase profitability
  • Lessen EPA Exposure
  • Lessen Carbon Footprint
  • We us less than 6 ounces of water to clean a filter
  • Our grease is disposed of properly
  • Some of our locations grease is used as fertilizer in local farmers fields.
  • We recycle our filters
  • Our chemicals are 100% biodegradable
  • We use less electricity to clean filters
  • We use less chemical to clean filters
  • We can clean hundreds of filters in the same time it takes your staff to clean a few

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